News and Events

2021-3-25 Graduation ceremony of the Kyutech was held on March 25, 2021 in which two M.Tech. students Mr. Shubham Sharma and Epifanio do Rosario Balane along with two PhD students Mr. Ajendra Kumar Vats and Mr. Daisuke Hirotani of Pandey Laboratory gratudated this time. Congratulations to you all and wish you a bright future !
2021-3-19 Participation and presentations by Pandey Laboratory in the 101st Annual Meeting of Chemical Society Japan from March 19-22, 2021.
2021-3-16 Participation and presentations by Pandey Laboratory in the The 64th Spring Meeting of Japan Applied Physics Society from March 16-19, 2021.
2021-3-1 SSP made Keynote Lecture in the International Webinar on Recent Contributions of Chemical Science to Modern Society  (RCCSMS-2021) organized by AKS University, Satna, MP, India online via Zoom.
2020-12-19 Happy monents for Pandey Laboratory! Out total 8 presentations made during SAES-2020, two presentations made by Mr. Shubham Sharma and Mr. Yuki Kurokawa, received best presentation award on December 19, 2020 duirng the closing and award ceremony of this conference. Congratulation Shubham and Kurowaya ! Well done and keep it up !
2020-12-18 SSP made Plenary Lecture on Dcember 18, 2020 in the International Conference on Futuristic Materials (ICFM-20) organized by DDU Gorakhpur University, India online via Zoom.
2020-12-12 Participation and presenations by Pandey lab students in the UPM-Kyutech, Joint International Symposium (SAES-2020) held from online via Zoom December 12-19, 2020 online via Zoom.
2020-12-9 Participation and presenations by Pandey lab students in the Materials Research Society, Japan Annual Meeting held from December 9-11, 2020 online via Zoom.
2020-11-26 A new PhD student Ms. Suraya Binti Shaban joined Pandey laboratory as MEXT sponsored student under G2E2 program. Welcome Suraya, I hope you will have good time in my laboratory and will do wonderful research.
2020-10-26 Three campus Safety Lecture for Foreign Students of all of three campus of our institute was conducted online by SSP.
2020-10-4 Participation in International Conference Prime-2020 held online from October 4-8, 2020 and presentations made by Ajendra Kumar Vats and SSP.
2020-10-1 Dr. Manish Pandey, ex student of the Pandey laboratory joined as Assistant Professor at Nara Advanced Institutute of Science and Technology, Nara, Japan. Congratulation Manish !, I hope you will do well in future and we will do excellent collaborative research.
2020-9-28 Farewell party for Ms. Nikita was organized in a simple manner. After graduation, she is joining as a post-doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Prof. Masakazu Nakamaura at Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Nara, Japan from October 1, 2020. Best of luck Nikita for your successful and bright future carrier.
2020-9-28 SSP attended International Webinar on Current Trends and Future Perspectives of Chemistry in Pandemic Era and delived his invited lecture.
2020-9-25 My two PhD students Mr. Tsuguo Koyanagi and Ms. Nikita Kumari were awareded with PhD degree their excellent research work. I wish for them a bright and successful future.
2020-9-3 SSP attented International Conference AM-FPD 20, which was condcuted online via Zoom Platform and delivered invited lecture in this conference.
2020-7-18 SSP attended International Webinar on "Recent Innovations in Chemical Sciences" RICS-2020 to be held from 18th-20th July, 2020 on line via Zoom and delivered his Inaugeral Keynote Speech.
2020-7-14 My PhD student Ms. Nikita Kumari successfully completed her final PhD Thesis defense. Well done Nikita and best of luck for your future carrier.
2020-7-6 Shyam S. Pandey was acredited with Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials.
2020-7-1 From July 1, 2020 stuedents at LSSE are allowed to come and do reserach in the lab but in controlled manner in terms are management about their entry/exit in the lab, sitting/ working room and maintaining the social distancing along with strictly following the safety measures.
2020-6-1 A new student Mr. Nitin Kumar Singh joined my laboratory as PhD student from June 1, 2020. Nitin Welcome to the Pandey Laboratory
2020-5-8 My course on Advanced Electrochemical Technology was started from May 8, 2020 online via Zoom Plateform and students from Japan, India, Malaysia and China registered and attended this class.
2020-4-7 Emergency situation in Japan is was declared on April 7th, 2020 due to Corona Virus Pandemic and Institute is closed untill May 6, 2020. Students we are working from home till then.
2020-4-3 In a very simple manner Entrance ceremony for new students for the Spring session of 2020 was also conducted on 3rd April, 2020. Two master student and two PhD students joined the PL. Due to lockdown in India, my three students could not join this ceremony and they will be coming later after situation get normalized in India.
2020-3-25 Graduation Ceremony at our Institute was condcuted on March 25, 2020 in a simple manner in order to prevent Corona Virus Outbreaks and 4 students from Pandey Laboratory graduated this year. Out of the four student one Mr. Wakayama Mamoru received the best Master theis presentation award also. Congratulations Wakayama !!!
2020-3-3 Ms. Yushnita Binti Yusuf from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) joined Pandey Laboratory under on March 3, 2020 for joint collaborative Research. She will be working on Pt free counter electrodes of DSSC. Welcome to the PL Yushinta and hope you will enjoy your stay.
2020-2-26 Farewell party for Mr. Subhajit Jana and four graduating Japanese students of Pandey Laboratory was organized on dated Feb. 26, 2020.
2019-12-27 Year-end Lab Cleaning, Farewell party of Mr. Raviprakash Ojha and Bonekai of Pandey Laboratory was organized in the Indian Restaurant Bina on December 27, 2019.
2019-12-08 Visit by Prof. Vipul Singh from IIT-Indore, MP, India under G2E2 Seminar. He delivered ineresting lecture on Organic Electronics. In-depth research discussions with PL students was worth to appreciate.
  October to December was packed with conference activities and talk. Participation and presentation by PL in International Conferences like IDC-NICE-2019 (Hokkaido University, October 9-12), MNC-2019  (Hiroshima, Japan, October 28-31), JCREN-2019 (Makassar, Indonesia, November 4-6), SAES-2019 (UPM, Malaysia, November 11-12), COPEN-2019 (IIT-Indore, India, December 12-14) and ICANN-2019 (IIT-Guwahati, India, December 18-21). 
2019-11-16 Mr. Subhajit Jana from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU India joined Pandey Laboratory under SPARC Project of Government of India for Joint Research on November 16, 2019. He will be staying in the PL until end of February 2020. Welcome Subhajit to PL!
2019-10-24 Garbage Classification and Lab Safety for the new members of PL was conducted on October 24, 2019.
2019-10-16 Welcome Party for Ms. Nidhi, Ms Moulika and Ms. Linjun was organized on October 16, 2019. I hope they will enjoy their stay and do the wonderful research.
2019-10-01 Two New students Ms. Moulika Desu from India and Ms. Linjun Tang from China joined the PL as PhD student from 1st October 2019.
2019-09-26 Ms. Nidhi Yadav from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore joined PL on Sept 26, 2019 under JASSO program for joint collaborative research. She will be staying in PL until end of March 2020. Welcome Nidhi and hope you will enjoy your stay!
2019-08-26 Visit of SSP to IIT-BHU as Visiting Professor under SPARC Program for teaching and Joint Research starting from August 26, 2019. This visit created interest in new students of IIT-BHU for their higher education at Kyutech.
2019-08-21 Farewell of Ms. Suraya Shaban and Welcome Party for Mr. Ravi Prakash was held on August 21, 2019.
2019-08-10 Mr. Ravi Prakash Ojha from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU India joined Pandey Laboratory as under SPARC Project of Government of India for Joint Research on August 10, 2019. He will be staying in the PL until end of December this year. Welcome Ravi to PL!
2019-07-13 Pandey Laboratory participaed in the Kyushu Branch Chemical Society, Meerting held on July 13, 2019 at Kokura International Conference Center, where Mr. Ajendra Kumar Vats (PhD Student) was awarded for the Best Presentaion Award. Congratulations Ajendra, Keep it Up !
2019-07-08 For the educational year 2019, Moral Education on Research Ethics in Pandey Laboratory was condcuted on July 8, 2019.
2019-06-23 Active participation and presentation in the International Conference ICMAT-2019 held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from June 23-28, 219
2019-06-19 Pandey Laboratory participated in  EM-2019 international conference , Engineering Campus Shinshu University, Nagano held from June 19-22, 2019 and made the reserach presentaions.
2019-06-06 Ms. Suraya Shaban from University Putra Malaysia joined PL and Welcome Party for her was organized.
2019-06-01 A New short-term visiting foreign student Ms. Suraya Shaban from University Putra Malaysia joinded PL for three months under JASSO Program.
2019-05-10 Pandey lab meeting regarding chemicals management with special emphasis on poisonous and Deleterious Materials upon their storage, use and disposal was conducted.
2019-04-19 1st Quater Safety Meeting of Pandey Laboratory was conducted at Room 5261 of LSSE.
2019-04-12 Orientaion of PL was conducted
2019-04-10 Welcome party of PL was organized
2019-04-05 Two New M.Tech students from India and Mozambique and one PhD student from Bangladesh joined Pandey Laboratory.
2019-04-02 New English Website of Pandey Laboratory (PL) opened.
2019-03-31 Cherry blossom party with lab members was organized at Katsumori Park IIzuka City
2019-03-25 Graduation Ceremony of KIT was conducted at Kitakyushu Ceremony Hall and my two PhD students Ms. Anusha Pradhan and Mr. Atul Shankar Mani Tripathi were awareded PhD degree. Congratulations to both best of Luck for their bright future.
2019-03-17 Particpation and Presentaion in Japan Chemical Society Spring Meeting held Konan University Okamoto Campus, hyogo
2019-03-09 Particpation and Presentaion in Japan Applied Physics SpringMeeting held at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
2019-02-23 SSP participated in IIT-Guwahati-Kyutech Seminar held at IITG along with four other professors from the Graduate School of LSSE.
2019-02-22 Participation and Presentaion at NICE Kenkyukai held at Graduate School of LSSE. At the same time Retirement party of Prof. Shuzi Hayase was also organized at Staion Hotel Kokura in the evening. It was very nice to meet with many old graduated students from the Hayase Laboratory.
2018-12-20 Year End Party of Pandey Laboratory was conducted at Tetteiko. It was full of eating, drinking and Enjoyment.
2019-12-18 Participation and Presentaion at Materials Research Society Japan Annual MKeeting held Kitakyushu International Conference Center, where My PhD student Ajendra Kumar Vats received the best presentaion award.
2018-12-15 Participation and Presentaion by Pandey lab in the International Conference SAES-2018
2018-12-05 Particpation and Presentaion in India-Japan Workshop on Biomolcular Electronics for Environmental Presentaion held atNational Physical Laboratory New Delhi.
  Data not updated for long time.
2016.07-24 English website was updated and uploaded.
2016.05-23 Prof. Juan Bisquert from University of Jaume, Spain delivered an invited lecture at the Graduate Shool of LSSE
2016.04-28 Welcome pary for all of the new students admited at Graduate School of LSSE was conducted.
2016.04-20 Safety meeting for the 1st quarther was conducted from 5 PM.
2016.04-08 Welcome party for new students joined our research group was conducted today.
2016.04-06 Eight new master and 2 new doctoral course students joined our laboratory.
2016.03-25 Two Ph.D course students Ms. Minobu Kawano and Mr. Ajay Kumar Baranwal graduated today.
2015.09-25 Three students Mr. Gaurav Kapil, Mr. MD. Zaman Molla and Mr. Tarun Chand Vagvala, graduated from the doctoral course.
2013.04-07 Welcome Party for fresh M1 students was organized.
2013.04-05 Orientation of Fresh Master students entering at LSSE was held and 9 new M1 students joined Hayase-Pandey Laboratory.
2013.04-01 Tingli Ma先生が九州工業大学の基幹講座教授として赴任されました。早瀬ーパンジー研と共同で太陽光エネルギー変換に関する研究を推進します
2013.03-22-31 Participation of lab members in spring domestic national meetings like Japan Chemical Society, Japan Applied Physics Society and Electrochemical Society Japan. 
2013.03-08 Our lab participated in the Global Mind Seminar was organized at KIT where, students made their presentation after retuning from short term stay abroad.
2013.02-28 UPM Malaysia-KIT Forum was organized at LSSE, Kyutech where, SSP delivered Invited lecture also along with other scientists from UPM Malaysia and KIT. .
2013.02-19 Dr Surya Prakash Singh, from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, INDIA joined our laboratory as short-term invited researcher (1 month) under the program Joint Collaborative Research with Asian Universities supported by FAIS Kitakyushu.
2013.01-21 English website of the laboratory was updated.
2013.01-21 New year party of the laboratory was organized in Ajinomary Japanese style restaurant Tobata, Kitakyushu
2012.12-28 Laboratory website was updated in terms of latest publications and news page update.
2012.12-19 Year End Party of the laboratory was organized.
2012.12-12 Active participation from the laboratory in the 10th International Conference on Nanomolecular Electronics (ICNME-2012) being held Awaji Island Hyogo, Japan from December 12-14, 2012.
2012.11-30 Prof. Vipul Singh, from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, INDIA joined our laboratory as short-term invited researcher (1 month) under the program Joint Collaborative Research with Asian Universities supported by FAIS Kitakyushu.
2012.11-01 Prof. Umesh Tripathi, from DDU, Gorakhpur University, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA joined our laboratory as short-term invited researcher (1 month) under the program Joint Collaborative Research with Asian Universities supported by FAIS Kitakyushu.
2012.10-29 Laboratory website was updated in terms of list of published papers, news and members page
2012.10-26 Welcome party for four new Ph. D students (Hayat, Tarun, Gaurav, Zaman) and two short term visitors (Shashi and Anu) from India under JASSO program was organized.
2012.10-17 Our lab participated in the 12th 産学連携フエア held at Kitakyushu Science and research Park from October 17-19 and exhibited the research activities of our laboratory on next generation solar cells.
2012.10-13 Prof. Rajiv Prakash, from Indian Institute of Technology, -BHU, India visited our laboratory from October 13-20, 2012 under JSPS(Japan)-DST(India) joint collaborative project.
2012.10-11 Our lab participated in the ECHO-TECHNO-2012 held at Kokura Kitakyushu from October 11-13 and exhibited the research activities of our laboratory on next generation solar cells.
2012.10-01 Five new students namely Mr. Hayat Azwar (Indonesia), Mr. Zaman Molla (Bangladesh), Mr. Gaurav Kapil (India), Mr. Tarun Chand Vagvala (India) and Mr. Naotaka Fujikawa (Japan as 社会人)joined our laboratory as Doctoral Research students。 
2012.09-27 Japan Students Services Organization (JASSO short stay and short visit joint seminar was organized at this campus followed by mixer. Two best presentation award for both of the Japanese as well as Foreign students under each category was given by the departmental head Prof. Tsuyoshi Hanamoto.
2012.09-18 Laboratory visit by Research Committee from Singapore
2012.09-04 Our lab participated in the 光電気化学研究懇談会講演会 organized at this campus of KIT
2012.08-31 Ms. Shashi Tiwari from IIT-BHU, India and Ms Anu Renjith from Raman Research Institute Bangalore, India, joined our lab as short term researcher under Japan Students Services Organization (JASSO) short stay program.
2012.06-30 Mr. Daiki Yamashita received best poster award for his presentation entitled "Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells utilizing ZnO" authored by Yamashita Daiki, Sandeep K. Das, Tanaka Hiroki, Tasaku Yuumi, Ogomi Yuhei, Pandey Shyam S, Yoshino Kenji and Hayase Shuzi the 49th Kyushu Branch Electrochemical Society Meeting held at Kokura International Conference Center.
2012.06-30 Our lab students participated in the 49th Kyushu Branch Electrochemical Society Meeting held at Kokura International Conference Center
2012.05-22 New Hayase-Pandey Laboratory website was launched.
2012.05-19 Our lab participated in open campus.
2012.04.15 Members page of the laboratory was updated.
2012.04.05 Cherry blossom and welcome party for the new comers was organized in the campus.
2012.04.05 6 new M1 and 1 B4 student joined the laboratory.
2012.04.02 Shyam S. Pandey, was promoted to Associated Professor

Previousd News from Hayase Laboratory
2012.04.02 Prof. Shuzi Hayase, joined as Dean of Graduate School of LSSE.
2012.01.30 Website of the laboratory was updated.
2011.04.17 Japanese website updated with new members.  Link for English website was also created.
2011.04.15 Dr. Gururaj M. Shivashimpi (INDIA) joined the hayase laboratory as new post doctoral fellow.
2011.04.07 10 new MS first year students joined the Hayase laboratory.
2011.03.24 Mr. Inoue Takafumi received the Hibikino prize for MS thesis presentation.

2010.07.10 Mr. Usagawa received イノベイティブPV奨励賞 for his oral presentation entitled 円筒形TCO-less 色素 増感太陽電池 in the 第7回「次世代の太陽光発電システム」シンポジウム
2010.07.09 Mr. Kyung Lee Young received the 優秀研究発表賞 for his poster presentation  entitled  ハイブリッド色素増感太陽電池 in the 第47回化学関連支部合同九州大会.
  タイトル: Tandem Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Consisting of Nanoporous Titania Sheet; 著者: Kenshiro Uzaki,  Shyam S. Pandey, Yuhei Ogomi, Shuzi Hayase; Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 49 (2010) 082301

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