Shyam S. Pandey                           


sspShyam S. Pandey completing his PhD from, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India in 1997 in the area of synthesis, characterization and application of organic conjugated polymers. He came to Japan as post-doctoral fellow in 1998. He worked as Fukuoka IST sponsored post-doctoral fellow in the Kyushu Institute of Technology from 1998-2001 in the area of photo-functional materials and devices. He was JSPS post-doctoral fellow from 2001-2003 (Soft-actuators & Artificial Muscles) and Knowledge Cluster invited researcher from 2003-2007 (Protein Biochips). He has received National Technology Award from National Research Development Corporation, Government of India in 2005 for the development of Glucose Biosensors, which is currently being manufactured and marketed. He worked in Kyushu Institute of Technology as assistant professor form 2009-2012 in the area of design and development of novel photofunctional materials for their application in the area of next generation solar cells. As an Associate Professor, he started his Organic Photofunctional Materials Devices research group in the same institute from April 2012-March and worked in the area of reserach and development of Next Generational Cells, Organic Electronic Devices and Bio-image sensors. Currently he is a Professor in the Green Electronics department of Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology. He has published more than 215 papers in international refereed journals and about 30 patents in India, Japan Europe and USA. His research interests deal with the Dye-Sensitized and Organic Solar Cells, Quantum Chemical Calculations, Organic Electronics & optoelectronics, Organic Conducting Polymers, Biosensors and Protein Biochips.


Kyushu Institute of Technology; Graduate School of Life Science & Systems Engineering (LSSE); Division of Green Electronics
Materials Chemistry/Engineering; Photofunctional Materials; Organic Electronic Devices
Personnel History:
  1995    Ph. D. Gorakhpur University/National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New , India

1996  Research Associate, NPL, New Delhi, India

1998  Specialized Researcher, Fukuoka Industry Science and Technology (IST) Foundation, Japan

2001  Japan Science Promoition Society (JSPS) Post Doctoral Fellow

2003  Invited Researcher, FAIS, Kitakyushu, Japan

2007  Post Doctoral Fellow, Kyushu Institute of Technology

2008  Knowledge Researcher, Fukuoka IST, Japan

2009  Assistant Professor, Graduate School of LSSE, Kyushu Institute of Technology

2012  Associate Professor, Graduate School of LSSE, Kyushu Institute of Technology

2022  Professor, Division of Green Electronics, Graduate School of LSSE, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  Awards & Accomplishments:

1995  Developed and patented technolgy of Glucose Biosensor for Diabetes patents, which was transferred to private company Pulsatum Health Care Ltd. which is manufacturing and selling to south east Asia by the trade name ACE Glucometer. This is one of the cheapest glucose sensor in the world.

2001  Best Poster Award for the presentation entitled Photocarrier Transport Analysis in Regioregular Poly (3-octadecylthiophene) Films” presented in Japan/Korea joint International Symposium.

2005  National Technology Day Award, for the invention, Blood Glucose Digital Analyzer, India.

2020  Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials, Sweden.

2021  Technical Advisor, R&D Molekule Inc. Florida, USA.

2021  Adjunct Professor, School of Materials Science and Technology, India Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi, India.

2022  Technical Advisor, SudhiShubha Chemsynthons LLP, Banglore, India

  1. Japan Applied Physics Society
2. Japan Chemical Society
3. Japan Electrochemical Society
4. Society of Nanometric Interface Control Electronic Devices, Japan

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