Pandey laboratory is involved in the cuttting edge research aiming towards the identification of intriguing problems pertaining to green energy and electronics along with search for their  amicable solutions through the innovative research ideas. If you are determined to work hard and ready to shake hands with us my lab welcomes whole heartedly and ready to give all the possible supports !!!

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Beautiful & Aesthetic Solar Cells,              Flexible Electronic Devics,              High Sensitivity Biosensors


In our laboratory, we focus on design & development of functional materials, fabrication & characterization of organic electronic devices and next generation futuristic solar cells having lower cost and less environmental impact. We strongly believe that students having backgrounds in material synthesis, material characterization, electrical & electronics engineering along with information science are suitable and can expand their horizon by inter-disciplinary research.

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Recent News & Updates from Pandey Laboratory!
Graduation Ceremony of Kyutech was held on the March 25, 2022, where one PhD student Pritha Roy and one master student Mr. Yuki Kurokawa graduated from the Pandey Laboratory. Weldone Pritha and Kurokawa. I wish you both for a very bright future.
Pandey Laboratory participated and presented the research in 69th Spring Meeting of the Applied Physics Society Japan held in the hybrid mode from March 22-27, 2022 and total three presentations were by the students of the Pandey laboratory..
Pandey Laboratory participated and presented the research in 102 Annual Spring Meeting of Japan Chemical Society held online from March 23-26, 2022.
SSP Participated in the International Seminar On Advance Research in Molecular & Material Science - 2022 (ARM2S - 2022) organized by SMIT-Indioa and held online from March 01 – 02, 2022 gave my invited lecture on Facile and Cost-Effective Solar Energy Harvesting by the Next Generation Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells on March 1, 2022. .
SSP participated in the 7th International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (ICANN2021) held in hybrid mode at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Assam India from December 14-17, 2021, where I gave my invited talk [Design and Development of NIR Dyes for Immense Solar Energy Harvesting based on Combined Theoretical and Experimental Approaches] on December 15, 2021.
SSP participated in the Annual Meeting of Materials Research Society, India organic by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras held in hybrid mode from December 20-23, 2021 and gave and invited lecture in the MRSI Conclave on Organic Electronics on December 21, 2021.
Pandey Laboratory participated in 31st Annual Meeting of Material Science Japan (MRSJ-2021) held online from December 13-15, 2021, where SSP was involved in the organizing and managing a special session entitled [I- Organic Iontronics-Energy and Biodevices for the Sustanable Future] in this meeting. Total 5 presentations were made by the students Pandey laboratory in this symposium.
SSP participated in the India-Japan Workshop on Biomolecular Electronics and Organic Nanotechnology for Environment Preservation (IJWBME 2020) VBL Venture Hall, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, December 9-10, 2021 and delivered his invited talk entiled Facile Approaches for Molecular Orientation towards Control of Device Performance in Organic Electronic Devices on December 9, 2021.
Pandey laboratory actively participated in the 9th International Symposium on Applied Engineering and Sciences (SAES-2021) organized jointly Kyutech and UPM and held online from December 5-8, 2021. In this international Conference, five oral presentations were made by the students of the Pandey Laboratory. 
SSP participated in the International Conference on Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics 2021 (AMSM2021) organized by Toyohashi Unversity and conducted online from November 10-12, 2021 and delivred the invited talk entitled Sensing and Actuation: Moving from Soft & Wet in Liquid to Soft, Flexible & Dry in Solid-State on December 12, 2021.
Total three new foreign students as two PhD (Mr. Shubham Sharma and Mr. Sai Kiran Mavileti) and one Master student (Ms. Harshita Rai) joined Pandey Laboratory as MEXT supported student from Odtober 1st, 2021. Welcome to Pandey Lab and hope that we will do wonderful reserach together.
SSP made invited talk entitled CONTROL OF MOLECULAR ORIENTATIONS BY ENVIRONMENTALLY BENIGN TECHNIQUES AND THEIR VISUALIZATION FOR ORGANIC ELECTRONIC DEVICES  in the 20th International Discussion and Conference on Nanointerface Controlled Electronic Devices (IDC-NICE 2021), South Korea, Online Meeting on dated October 6, 2021
SSP gave invited talk entitled Fabrication of Large Area Oriented Thin Films by Floating Film Transfer and their 2D Profiling for Organic Electronic Devices in the The 11th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE-2021), Online Meeting on September 27, 2021.
Participation and presentations by Pandey Laboratory in the 82nd Autumn Meeting of Japan Applied Physics Society (2021), which was Hybrid Meeting held from September 12-15, 2021. Total four presentaions from Pandey Lavoratory were made in this conference.
Participation and presentations by Pandey Laboratory in The 28th International Workshop on Active-Matrix Flatpanel Displays and Devices -TFT Technologies and FPD Materials- (AM-FPD f21), June 29-July 2, 2021.. YuKI Kurokawa made presentaion in this international conference.
Participation and presentations by Pandey Laboratory in the The 8th International Symposium on Organic and Inorganic Electronic Materials and its related Nanotechnologies (EM-NANO-2021), June 1-3, 2021, Online Virtual Conference. Total five presentations were made in this international conference. .
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