• Yasuhiro Ohta : (Oral presentation)
    Position Sensorless Speed Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor by an Extended State Observer
  • Kazuki Sugimoto :
    Construction of Development Environment for Motor Control System using FPGA
  • Seiya Aonuma :
    SoC-Based Implementation of PMSM Drive System with User Interface
  • Dai Shibayama :
    A Study of Parameters Identification Scheme for Synchronous Reluctance Motor
  • Kataria Sagar :
    Implementation of a MPPT Technique using Improved P&O Method for Photovoltaic Using SIMULINK/MATLAB
  • Tatsuki Matsumoto :
    Sensorless Control of SPMSM with Modular Multilevel Inverter
  • Hayate Ishibashi :
    Control of Three-phase Current Source Converter using Model Predictive Control

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