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Making materials that started from making interesting things

When I was a student, my research life began with a invitation of my academic advisor who was very excited to introduce his his laboratory and invited me to make something interesting.
Starting from polymer synthesis, organic synthesis and organic photochemistry, then returned to polymer synthesis and to environmental chemistry, we have crossed various fields.
At present, there is an urgent need to solve global issues as indicated by global warming. Everyone knows that recycling and reuse are important, but if there is no merit in doing it on a social basis rather than on an individual basis, it will not be a common behaviour. Until now, recycling chemistry has been cascade recycling, and the value of materials has usually declined gradually.
Then, if we add more value to conventional materials and materials that have been thrown away, wouldn’t it increase their use? Making valuable things from garbage and unused materials ,since I was a student, I have been trying to make interesting things like this way.
 Started form my academic advisor is Chinese, for some reason I have been surrounded by many foreigners at work. The laboratory is also fun with multinational members. If you are interested, please come and visit us.