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firstpage Our research involves in Lithium ion battery, solar cells, fuel cells and air battery, focusing on developing environment-friendly energy conversion and storage devices. In our research, we are combining the first principle calculation with the experiments, for predicting and improving the electrical properties and performance of the new materials. Recently, we are conducting research on lead-free perovskites and Pt-free fuel cells. If you are interested in our laboratory, please feel free to contact us.

2018.12.27 We had the Year End Party.[IMG]
2018.10.1 Welcome Miss Yu Fengyang, Miss Chen Yun, Mr. Liu Hongbin and Mr. Yang Shuzhang join our lab as new doctor students!
2018.7.27 Congratulations to Miss Huang Xiao, Miss Li Huan and Mr. Wang Nannan for Graduation![IMG]
2018.7.2 Welcome to Prof. Gwendoline and thank her for giving us an interesting lecture. [IMG]
2018.4.5 Congratulations to Mr. Zhang Chu for publishing the research paper "Designation of a Novel and Highly Stable Lead-Free Cs2NaBiI6 Double Perovskite for Photovoltaic Application" on Sustainable Energy & Fuels!
2018.4.5 Welcome to Mr. 鎌田 悠輔 (Kamada Yusuke) who joins our lab as a new Master student!
2018.3.23 Congratulations to Ph.D. Zhang Zhiguo for Graduation!
2018.3.3 Congratulations to Ms. Huang Xiao for publishing the research paper "In-situ growth of nanowire WO2.72 on carbon cloth as a binder-free electrode for flexible asymmetric supercapacitors with high performance" on Journal of Energy Chemistry!
2018.2.16 Happy Chinese New Year for everybody!
2018.01.30 Congratulations to Mr. Guo Zhanglin for publishing the review article "Low-Temperature Processed Non-TiO2 Electron Selective Layers for Perovskite Solar Cells" on Journal of Materials Chemistry A! (IF=8.867)
2018.01.29 Mr. Zhang Chu and Mr. Guo Zhanglin attended the Asia-Pacific Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics Conference 2018.
2017.12.08 Welcom Mr. Siowhwa Teo, the new staff of our lab!
2017.10.13 Our lab attended the Eco-Technology Exhibition 2017 (Kitakyushu Science and Research Park Fair) held at West Japan General Exhibition Center.Click here for more details.
2017.10.05 The Japan-China Joint Workshop on Nanomaterials and their Application in New Energy Devices is held at KIT wakamatsu campus. Click here for more details.
2017.09.10 Mr. Zhang Zhiguo and Ms. Huang xiao attended the Electrochemical Society of Japan fall meeting 2017.
2017.08.30 Congratulations to M.Sci. Liu Weigou for Graduation!
2017.07.30 Welcome visiting scholar Mr. Fan and Mr. Hu!
2017.04.06 UCrystalline material could replace silicon to double efficiency of solar cells
2017.02.30 Congratulations to Ph.D Lan Chunfeng and Ph.D Zhao shuai for Graduation!
2016.10.01 Welcome new student Mr. Guo Zhanglin!
2015.04.01 Welcome new students